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Do you hear an unusual noise when pressing your cars clutch pedal?  Do you feel any vibrations from the clutch pedal?  Bring your car to  Swadlincote Clutch & Service for clutch replacement or repairs. 
vehicle diagnosis

Complete vehicle diagnosis 

No matter what make or model of your vehicle is, we can diagnose its problems and carry out the repair work. At Swadlincote Clutch & Service, we specialise in clutch replacements and repairs, MOT and MOT repairs and gearbox repairs. With years of experience in general care repairs and maintenance work we can take care of all your  car servicing  needs. 

Services we offer:

A smooth running car

A smooth running car

Your car should run smoothly without consuming more fuel than it should. Bring your car to us so that we can check it and carry out the necessary repairs and adjustments for optimal performance using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Once you agree with the free quote, we will start the servicing and repair work. At Swadlincote Clutch & Service, you can relax in our waiting area until your car is ready to be back on the road.
Clutch replacements

A modern car garage

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For top-quality car servicing by the professionals in Swadlincote, call us on
01283 480 740
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